How to Help

How to Help

How to Help

The Lady Bamford Center is a partnership between Wesley Community Centers, The United Way, The City of Savannah and JCB North America.  As a non-profit, we rely on the generous support of our loyal donors along with two annual fundraising events.

As with many non-profits, COVID-19 had a catastrophic impact on our fundraising efforts during 2020 for The Lady Bamford Center.  COVID-19 made hosting our main annual fund-raiser to benefit The Lady Bamford Center impossible and now the Center faces a significant deficit to continue operating through 2021.  

Donor support is now more vital than ever.  Every single dollar counts towards helping The Lady Bamford Center continue their efforts to provide social and educational instruction to the under privileged children of our community and we can’t do it without YOU!



The Lady Bamford Center provides critical resources to low-income children and their families throughout the year. We saw a dramatic shift in needs and resources for 2020 and we are pleased to report we raised $185,000 to meet the demand. We are humbled the generosity and enthusiasm we’ve seen from our generous supporters.

How do we raise those funds?

In two ways:

  • Private Donations
  • JCB sponsored fundraising events

For the past several years, JCB has been fortunate enough to host two fundraising events, a golf tournament and a MudFest, the results of which funds the main operating budget for the Center.

The onset and continuation of COVID have made the MudFest an impossibility for the last two years, increasing the importance of the annual golf tournament.  Last year’s tournament raised a record setting amount and the growth and continued success of our annual charity golf tournament means only one thing, more resources for the children of Lady Bamford Center!

This year’s tournament will be held on Friday, December 3 and we look forward to raising even more funds for the children at the Center.  If you’d like to support, sponsor or participate, please visit:

If you have any questions, please let us know. Event updates will be posted on our new event website as well as the JCB Event Facebook page.

As Mrs. Tammy Mixon-Calderon, The Director of the Lady Bamford Center said, “We appreciate you for what you are doing, have done and what you continue to do, so that the children who attend the Lady Bamford center can continue to be successful and move forward from the Lady Bamford Center with a successful life.”